Singleton Taekwondo Academy
By Isabella Kidd


With over thirty-five years in the Martial Art field, Greg and Tracey Franks have a well-established reputation in Singleton as our local Taekwondo experts. Since establishing Singleton Taekwondo Academy in 1984, Master Greg and Master Tracey have developed a program that caters for all ages and abilities. Taekwondo is not only about improving fitness, but also about respect, discipline, focus and setting the guidelines for the student to set goals and strive to achieve them.

About Taekwondo
It is no secret that learning and developing a skill in Martial Arts can offer a lot of value to a person. No matter what Martial Art you decide to learn and practice, you will experience several different benefits, both physical and unseen. These benefits can range from developing ways to defend yourself to building your mental strength and endurance. 

Master Greg Franks
With over thirty-five years’ experience, Master Greg Franks holds multiple belts in different styles of Martial Arts. With a 7th Dan Black Belt, Greg has been successful in over 45 Grading levels and is currently NSW President of the Australian Taekwondo Bongsul Federation (weapons).

Master Tracey Franks
Master Tracey Franks has over twenty years’ experience in Martial Arts. Tracey is currently a 5th Dan Black Belt. With a passion for teaching all levels of self-defense, Master Tracey welcomes all to her classes.  

Singleton Taekwondo Academy
After being established in 1984, Singleton Taekwondo Academy has quickly become one of Singleton’s top family orientated Martial Arts Academy’s. Not only does Taekwondo teach respect, discipline, and focus. Master Greg and Master Tracey teach the guidelines for a student to set goals which enables them to strive their hardest to achieve them.
Singleton Taekwondo Academy welcomes all. Classes are conducted in a safe and constructed manner where encouragement and guidance are at the forefront.

Students start with the Grade of a White Belt (beginners) and then progress through ten levels of Grades to reach Black Belt 1st Dan. This may take a student around four years to complete. All students that are graded to a Black Belt are registered and certified with the World Taekwondo Academy, Korea. Upon registration, students will receive their Dan certificates from Korea. With Black Belt instructors, all student training is managed with correct teaching and individual student needs are met.

Class Information
Classes are offered on Monday and Wednesday each week at King Street Public School. Juniors are 5pm to 6pm and Seniors 6pm to 7pm. Singleton Taekwondo Academy also caters for Women’s self-defense classes. Private lessons are available.

As with many Martial Arts, Taekwondo is a fantastic method for improving yourself in multiple ways. Whether you want to become fitter, learn self-defence, how to become a leader or simply for the social aspects, Taekwondo gives you the opportunity to improve a multitude of aspects. If you or someone you know would like to try Taekwondo, why not give the Singleton Taekwondo Academy a call?

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