Life Lessons From My Grandma
By Isabella Kidd

The relationships between grandparents and their grandchildren can’t be explained by a single definition. A lot of us have different bonds, experiences, and levels of closeness to our grandparents. My Grandparents have always been the ones to shower us with love, affection, kindness, and guidance. They are two of the most selfless people I know. From an early age I developed an extraordinary bond to my grandparents that I will forever be grateful for. My Grandmother and Grandfather have nurtured me abundantly along my life journey. I count myself extremely lucky that I got to have them both for my entire twenty-six years.  

This is a difficult journal for me to write. My Grandma Mary, my Mother’s Mother, passed away in July this year at the glorious age of ninety. How do I even begin to tell you how much she meant to me? She was always a big part of my life. She lived in the same town and recently in the past five years has lived five streets away. Grandma was my second mother. She was my teacher and my most treasured friend. Grandma or Granny as she was affectionately known, always listened to my stories and would have an answer or medical solution to every problem I had. I spoke to my Granny everyday and visited with her and my Grandfather multiple times a week.  

Grandma was a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, sister, friend and nurse. She had a wonderfully funny personality. You would often find her scrolling and commenting on Facebook or watching a YouTube video.

My Granny taught myself several life lessons. I thought I should share them with you.  

1.Love always. 

Grandma was full of love for everyone. She never had anything negative to say about a single person. If we would say a negative thing about someone, she would always find the positive about them. Grandma always showed us an abundance of love. I remember once she said to me if you can’t afford any presents, you can afford to give that person love.  

2. Ensure there is enough food for everyone.  

Coming from a big family and having six children herself, Grandma always said to have enough food when catering for a party, Christmas or even just for one friend that comes to visit. This lesson she has instilled in us as we have learnt to always over cater an event. Grandmas always believed that no one would go hungry at her house.  

3. Find a celebration in everything. 

Grandma was the first to RSVP to a party, say yes to going out for a coffee or even just a trip to the shops. She loved to celebrate any occasion with her family and friends. Grandma would find the celebration in simply going to do the groceries. With the current climate we live in, the advice to find a celebration in everything has never been more relevant. We all must follow her lesson and celebrate every small event in our lives. 

4. Look after everyone. 

Grandma believed that everyone should be treated the same. She cared for all even if she had just met them. My Grandma made everyone feel like they belonged, her warm and kind nature spread to us all. I often hear from people how Grandma made them feel like they were her family. Her home was always open and her phone always available if we needed a chat. 

5.Cook with love. 

Grandma was the best cook. She would often joke that she didn’t love to cook but she cooked with love. You could taste the love in every meal she made or cake she baked. I have learnt numerous recipes from her, but still believe they never taste as good as she made. It’s funny how we associate a person with a food or recipe they always made. For me YoYo biscuits (melting moments) represent my Grandma.  

6. Dress for yourself (but also to impress). 

My Grandma was a super stylish person. In public she would always be dressed in a beautiful outfit, often with a necklace and hat to match. She always told us to dress for ourselves not for the people around you. However, we learnt from her that when in public you must dress to impress a bit as well. At home Grandma wore the funniest outfit combinations. We were often found borrowing her jumpers and patterned pants as we loved them all. My Grandparents have always demonstrated to us that style never goes out of fashion. 

7. Don’t be too serious. 

This was one of my Grandma’s main mottos. You should never be too serious! Grandma had an incredibly funny personality, she was witty and full of laughter. I don’t ever think there was a visit with her where I didn’t laugh. Grandma always believed that life was meant to be lived and that a life without laughter and joking was dull. She never took herself seriously and always found a funny moment in any situation. 

8. Do what makes you happy.  

When I asked my sister what life lesson, she learnt from Grandma the first thing she said was do what makes you happy. Grandma used to tell us to follow our own paths and we will find what we are meant to do and who we are meant to be. She was a big believer that each person should be happy in every aspect of their lives. If ever we were sad, she would always cheer us up. Grandma would often state to us how nice it is that we have the choice to always do what we want to, one must always ask themselves, am I happy? 

With all of the lessons my Grandma taught me, it is love and happiness that I will remember the most. I have a million beautiful memories with her that I will always hold close to my heart. I know currently we can’t go and visit the ones we love, but when we can hug them tight and memorise it. Remember to not be too serious and find celebration in everything! 

XO Bell