Art Moves 2021
By Isabella Kidd

What a wonderful end to 2021, spreading Christmas cheer through Bourkes Arcade. We were overwhelmed by the creativity of our community. Our team has thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the smiles on the faces of the Art Moves entrants and listening to the inspiration behind their paintings.

Our warmest thanks to our wonderful judges Martha and Jeremy from Creations4Creativity. They had the very difficult task of picking the winners across the four categories. We would love to share their comments.

We had the pleasure of choosing the winners of the Next Move 'Art Moves 2021' competition in Singleton on Saturday. The theme of the competition was 'Celebration'.
Christmas and New Year's Eve featured highly in the four categories (Infants, Primary School, High School, and Adults). There were other interpretations that were imaginative and culturally diverse, and the outstanding artistic skill made for a very difficult, albeit enjoyable morning of decision and indecision!
Thanks to Sheree Klassen at Next Move for generously arranging and funding this event for the Singleton community, and for getting us involved in the fun and festivities!
Here are our winners and high commendations:

Winner: 42
Highly commended: 77, 60, 40, 67


42 evokes an innocent rainbow-kind of happiness that   really draws the eye in. It is vibrant, and the use of colour and imperfect shape really creates a sense of   movement that reminds us of celebration. We like 60, 40 and 67 for their uniqueness and execution, and 77 for its composition and colour, which really tells the story of a relaxed Australian Christmas.

Winner: 78
Highly commended: 41, 70

 70 is very well executed and a great composition. We   loved the freshness of 41, the great use of colour and   abstract placement of celebratory items, all conveying   happiness, vibrancy, and movement. We chose 78 as   the winner because it also offers the familiarity of a   typical  Aussie celebration with the harmonious use of   colour evoking that summery feel of melting at Christmas. We wouldn't have it any other way, would we?!?!

High School
Winner: 120
Highly commended: 76, 156


Both 76, and 156 are brilliant entries - wonderful   compositions that really capture the "Aussie" Christmas that many partake in.120 pipped at the post, with its unique take on celebration, and simple but lovely composition - who isn't familiar with juicy pineapple and sweet treats at Christmas or any other summer celebration!

Winner: 33
Highly commended: 74, 160, 36, 128, 144

This category proved most difficult with such a variety   of themes, humour, and heart-warming and covid related entries. Not to mention artistic skill! For us, 33 really evokes the feeling of celebration. It is also a  very stylish composition, with good use of colour, texture, and mixed media. We love that the figure compares not wearing a mask to the feeling of war being over! Very humorous and beautiful.

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful entries which create such a festive feel in the arcade.

Martha and Jeremy
Foundations 4 Creativity


We would also love to celebrate our People's Choice winners.

Winner-PC-58-Infant.jpg Winner-PC-70-Primary.jpg 
Winner-PC-76-High-School.jpg Winner-PC-74-Adult.jpg

We thank you, our Singleton community for your support in adding so much cheer to our laneway. If you would like to keep your artwork, please drop into Next Move Property to collect your masterpieces.

Sheree, Hilary and Isabella