Moving with Pets
By Isabella Kidd

Moving with Pets

Our pets are incredibly emotional and are often intune to what is happening in their surroundings. Everybody who has moved to a new house in their life is aware of the stresses that can arise from the process. At times it can be one of the most stressful events you will ever undertake. Evidence has shown that a lot of humans are not fans of change or relocation. They are sticklers for the norm. However, if all the sorting, packing and change is taking its toll on you, imagine what it might be doing to your precious furry family member.

Managing change for your pet can require a lot of patience. But before you learn these new skills of patience, you must find the new home location that suites you and your furry family member as well. It is a good idea to ensure your new home or apartment is pet-friendly and contains a secure yard or courtyard, so your pet is safe, as an anxious pet is more likely to attempt a yard break.


Tips For Helping Your Pet Move:
  • Walk your pet through the local area. Ensure there are safe walking pathways or even a dog park. This will enable your pet to gain exercise and even meet the locals.
  • Ensure there are secure gates and fencing around the property.
  • Familiarise your pet with the new home as quickly as possible. This will allow your pet to feel secure and safe.

If you are a pet owner who has ever packed for a holiday or just simply a day trip, you will know how dogs and some cats will watch and react to your movements. Pets can detect changes to their environment and notice signs their family might be leaving them.
When packing the entire house for a move, it is important to keep pet’s routines as normal as possible. Continue to feed and walk them at normal times and make sure they have their usual comforts such as toys and beds easily accessible to them. It’s important that these toys and pets are packed last to ensure as little stress is generated for the pet. 

Moving Day
When it's moving day, keep your pet with you whenever possible, as this will help to support your pet. Pets respond best to their owners. If removalists are coming and going through the house, restrict your pet to one secure room or even place them in a large travel crate. Pet owners must provide their pet with some of their comfort toys and bedding and ensure they leave each time you do.

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