Pets and Rental Properties
By Isabella Kidd


Pets and Rental Properties

When owning and renting out a property there are several considerations that need to be made. Finding the right tenants for your home can be one of the most difficult decisions. There is also the question of whether you are going to allow tenants of the fury kind. Pet friendly rentals are largely coveted and allowing tenants to bring their fury family members may result in a higher demand for the property.

Benefits of allowing pets
Many people count their pets as an additional family member and a landlord that allows a pet to move into a property may gain an advantage which may result in a higher demand for the property. Although there are risks that can come along with pets, there are several ways you can reduce the potential risks.

Pet Friendly Home
Firstly, you must determine what type of pet that will be appropriate for the rental property you own. If your home only has a small courtyard, then perhaps a small dog or cat may be considered. If the property does not have a fence than allowing pets may be an issue.

If the property is carpeted, consider if the pet will be allowed in the home. Tiles and wooden floors are obviously better for an inside pet as they don’t retain odour, but timber floors can be scratched by claws.

If the property is in close proximity to neighbours, considerations may need to be made to whether the introduction of an animal may disturb their peace and quiet

Pet Policy in Tenant Agreement
A pet policy is an agreement made between the landlord and tenant agreeing on matters relating to the pet/s. The agreement will commonly give responsibility to the tenant for any damage or costs that may occur from the pet. Certain conditions that the tenant must adhere to are detailed in the agreement. This will often include whether the pet may enter the home or strictly remain outside and how many pets are allowed at the property.

Upon Vacating the Property
When a fixed lease agreement is ending or a tenant need to break the lease early, the property must be left in the condition of when it was entered into by the tenant. The tenant must fix any damage that the pet has caused and ensure that a pet spray is done inside and out, and all carpets and flooring are cleaned thoroughly.