Inaugural Signature Lunch XO
By Sheree Klasen


Inaugural Signature Lunch XO

It is no secret that I love an event and The Signature Lunch is something I have wanted to create for many years.  There are two reasons this was so important to me.  The first was to thank the Vendors who place their trust in me to sell their home and the second, is to introduce our Buyers to the people in their new community.
The day was created to celebrate our blossoming Next Move Community who have helped me to make our first year in business so special.  Each guest had in their own unique way helped me to bring our table together.
Winmark Wines and their impressive Art Gallery provided the perfect location to create this event and the energy in the room was infectious from the minute our guests arrived.  Karin Adcock has been nurturing her beautiful property into an impressive destination since buying here in 2016.  Karin shared her story with our guests, and from this we created a beautiful map of her favourite destinations to visit in our region.  It’s always a treat to find a new favourite.
To have the opportunity to share this occasion is a very special milestone for me personally.  A little over one year ago, my life found me at a fork in the road and a simple question led me to choose an unexpected path.  
It started with my old work colleague Shelby asking me why I don’t open my own Real Estate Agency and grow the vision I had of a world where Agents are trusted and valued.  Not only during the property transaction, but beyond.  My immediate answer, without hesitation was - “I can’t do that”.
That same day, I mentioned Shelby’s comment to my husband Tony, to which he immediately responded – “Why don’t you”?
“Why don’t you?”.  A simple, yet powerful question.  It is incredible how simple questions can open up conversations, lead to new opportunities and new friendships. This simple question led to me being able to share lunch at the most fabulous table filled with friends – old and new for lunch.
Saturday was to thank and share our community.  An opportunity to get to know each other, be inquisitive, ask simple questions, make new connections, and see where it may lead.
Our new world, blossoming from the last year of challenges has shown us how important connection is and how taking care of each other is paramount.
We enjoyed our lunch, lovingly prepared by Tony.  I am lucky to have a multi-talented husband who is always happy to help bring our ideas together.
It must be noted - our delicious meal was also the result of a simple question. “Tony.  Would you cook lunch for us?”.  To which he quickly responded – “Is that a question?”  Fortunately, after 30 years I speak Tony’s language and am happy to translate this to – “I would love to”. 😊
To our entire Next Move Community - thank you.  We look forward to planning our next get together.
XO Sheree