Sheree Klasen’s acumen for real estate runs in her veins. As a fifth generation real estate agent, Sheree is passionate and knowledgeable about the industry. Her previous professional experience in high-end retail fashion, as well as establishing and operating a fine dining restaurant with her husband, equipped her with exceptional management and client liaison skills.

With a decade of real estate experience under her belt, Sheree established her own business, Next Move Property, in Singleton, NSW, with the aim of filling a gap in the market. Buying or selling a property tends to involve making some of life’s biggest decisions, and Sheree’s intention is for her team to provide a genuinely personal, caring service resulting in a happy and enjoyable experience for clients. Sheree is not hoping to grow Next Move Property into a colossus—on the contrary: she believes that in the real estate business, maintaining a small to medium size is better for everyone involved. Her key aim—and that of her team—is to prioritise clients above all else, to ensure they receive exceptional service.

From her years in business, Sheree has amassed an extensive knowledge of the Hunter Valley real estate market. As a Singleton local, Sheree is well known in the community and her connections spread far and wide. Although Next Move Property is a relatively new business, its significant success and many delighted clients are testimony to the exceptional work of Sheree and her team.