Tracey Franks is particularly well-placed to appreciate investors’ requirements. As a real estate investor herself, Next Move’s Senior Property Manager understands the business from an owner’s perspective, giving her the sort of insight and empathy our clients value.

With an impressive resume that includes long-term employment at several Singleton businesses, Tracey has earned her reputation as an intelligent, reliable and friendly member of the team.

Although Tracey worked in the pharmacy and electronics sectors for many years, real estate was always something that held a special attraction for her. By the time she joined Next Move Property in January 2022, she had clocked up ten years’ experience in the field.

Tracey’s primary role here is to look after landlords’ investments, which includes leasing properties and doing routine inspections.

One of the highlights of the job for Tracey is the friendly atmosphere among the team.

“They’re a great bunch of women to work with,” she says. “It’s a really nice environment.”

Another string to Tracey’s bow is the martial arts school she has run with her husband, Greg, for more than 30 years. This successful business provides lessons in Taekwondo, weapons, and self-defence. When they’re not working, Tracey and Greg enjoy spending time with their family.