Why You Need Indoor Plants In Your Life
By Isabella Kidd

Why You Need Indoor Plants In Your Life

Not only do indoor plants complement the general appearance of a space, but they have also been shown to boost moods, amplify creativity, lower stress and enhance the air quality around us. Plants make us a healthier and happier version of ourselves.
Indoor plants are a current craze on social media. Plants improve our physical and mental health in ways we probably did not even realise. Our newfound gratitude for the humble indoor plant has indeed been found to have existed long before they became cool on Instagram. For generations, people have had beautiful interiors with leafy vines, hanging plants and the hardy succulent.

Let us explore six reasons why indoor plants are boosting our daily lives.
  1. You breathe better air.
Research shows that most indoor plants can rid our air of common toxins and pollutants. Resulting in clearer air that lets us focus better on tasks.
  1. They make each room cosier.
Indoor plants add colour and life to any room in a home or office. They change the physical characteristics of the environment in a gratifying way. Plants can increase humidity levels, reduce noise, screen unattractive areas and alter the temperature of a space. Take some time to think about how you want to feel in a space. Indoor plants can help you achieve the correct atmosphere.
  1. Plants can boost mental well-being.
A houseplant can boost our mental health. They have the power to make us feel at home. Plants possess the ability to soothe us and calm our pace of life. The humble green indoor plant can feed our spirits and soul. 
  1. Indoor plants can offer a sense of accomplishment.
When you personally pot and care for an indoor plant, you feel a sense of accomplishment. Nurturing a plant brings joy. Learning to not over-water your plant is an achievement itself. I will be the first to admit I am often guilty of this.


      5. Plants can help us stress less.

Potting plants and nourishing them can provide a moment to let go of stress and allows you to forget about the troublesome day you might have had. Focusing on the plant is important for mental well-being. The plant can allow you to focus solely on it and its physical needs. One must remember if you are not successful with a plant and it dies, that is ok. Just plant another!

      6. Plants promote healing.

Plants assist us with treatment to recover from illness, injury or the loss of a loved one. If we surround ourselves with plants or greenery, we can generate a ‘sanctuary’ feeling. This sanctuary creates a natural living space that allows us to feel happiness and security. Some plants even provide physical healing benefits. For instance, Aloe Vera is the perfect remedy for sunburn or skin irritants.

Next time you grumble about having to water your indoor plants, consider all the benefits they are giving you in return. Let us stick to the plant craze and place them throughout our homes and office spaces.