A Very Arty Recap
By Sheree Klasen


A Very Arty Recap

What better way than to round out 2020 than with a splash of colour down Bourke’s Arcade? We could not think of anything, and we would like to extend a huge thank you to That Little Art Place and our neighbours - August Bloom, Be Human HR, Redbournberry Clothing, ASC Accountants and of course, each and every one of our enthusiastic participants.
A very warm thank you goes to our excellent judge Amy, who had a very tough decision to make across all categories. Here we would like to share some of her comments.

In the Infant Category, number 35, Harlow Ball-Moxey took the crown as it “achieves a sense of calm among the anticipated excitement.” Although Christmas can be a time of chaotic excitement, this beautiful artwork really captures the essence of joy and cheer around Christmas.
The very difficult choice in the Primary Category went to painting number 34, Allyra Ball-Moxey. Nothing represents the Primary category better than an excited Santa. Amy detailed that “the painting seems to simply suggest Christmas in the family living room with everyone present, including the pets and TV, giving the viewer a feel of reality.”  A special mention also goes to paintings 70, Lyndsay Worboys and 11, Phoebe Jackson, both of which also managed to capture the importance of “stripping back all the glamour”.
The High School category saw some very high standard entries. A hard choice saw painting number 120, Emmaline Smith win, with beautiful vibrant colour use to catch the eye of passers-by. Amy mentioned that the technical skill in the painting was fantastic – “there is good use of shading and perspective.”
Like all categories, the Adult entries were of a high standard. Given the tumultuous year 2020 has been for a lot of people, Amy decided on painting number 7, Eliza Crebert, as “2020 has taken away the ease of us being together with our loved ones and this painting reminds me of just how important that is.”
A special mention to paintings 4, Jenny Gallagher, 135 Grace Johnson and 121, Wendy Mason Jones for exceptionally talented work.
We thank you, our vibrant Singleton Community for your support in adding so much vibrancy and festive energy to our laneway. It was such a joy to share the smiles on so many enthusiastic faces.
If you would like to keep your artwork, please drop into Next Move Property during business hours for pick-up. We look forward to seeing you this year for some more creative and festive fun.
XO Sheree & Shelby